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We are pleased to welcome you to the site of the International Organization for Peace, Care and Relief. The Organization is for those who believe in the importance of civil voluntary humanitarian work, in order to lift the pain and suffering of those afflicted by natural disasters, wars, in addition to, conflicts and to help the needy, the destitute and displaced persons. Furthermore, it aims to establish a peaceful environment where people can live in prosperity, hold up to good values and solidarity, and to live as brothers in consolidation to what all divine religions called for

What is an NGO?

An NGO stands for (Non-Governmental Organization). It is a civil international organization, constituted of one or a group of non-profit institutions. It has an independent structure that is not related to the State. Its activities vary based on the objectives it is set for.

Because the term is considered too broad by some and it might be referred to anything that is non-governmental, therefore, many NGOs prefer to use the term PVO, which stands for Private Voluntary Organization

The International Organization for Peace Care and Relief, a world humanitarian Non- Government organization, it enjoys an independent legal and financial status. It is headquartered in Tripoli, Libya, with branches in several other countries. Its objectives are:

- To promote a just international peace that takes into account peoples social and cultural differences.

- To condemn all forms of aggression and military conflicts against peoples and to denounce their instigators.

- To combat all forms of collective deportations and forced migration, therefore to defend and to strengthen the rights of individuals that guarantee them a home country in which they can live in peacefully and securely.

- To oppose the production and use of all forms of weapons, in particular weapons of mass destruction, while requesting belligerent countries to disclose information about their planted mines.

- To provide a protection to refugees (groups and/or individuals) until a safe repatriation is made possible for them.

- To sensitize the world opinion about environment damages and their impact on human health and quality of future generation's life.

- To cooperate with all organizations and institutions that have similar objectives.



The Administration is organized as follows:

- The General Assembly.

- The Executive Bureau.

- Secretariats of Local and International Branches.

- Technical Divisions.

The General Assembly may decide to establish sections or branches if deemed necessary in achieving the objectives laid down in the constitutive chart of the Organization.

The General assembly is the highest authority of the Organization whose members are both individuals and artificial persons that includes:

- The founding members.

- The organizers.

- The observers as identified by the General Assembly.

One member one vote is the observed rule, with the exception that the observers are non-voting entity.

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